Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Easter Pictures...

Little man having fun catching bubbles...

Buddy chasing bubbles...

Sweet Kisses with my Memi!!

This is what happens to the loot when Luke gets bored!!

So happy!!


We had such a nice Easter Sunday (eventhough our family was missing one KEY member).. We spent our morning relaxing and enjoying some family time!! Then we had lunch with family and friends. Lunch was yummy, so was dessert :o) We did a little Easter Egg hunt for Luke and once he caught on to the idea, he was having a BLAST!! It was a wonderful time spent with family and friends, we can't wait until Easter next year when our family is complete again!! (We missed you Emma!!)

Stopping to smell the flowers.. I have my eggs and you can't have them!!

Why am I giving these to you? Papa helping Luke, so sweet!

Wow, they just keep popping up! Why did you tell me there was food in here?

Look Mom!! Another one!! " NACK!"= Snack!! Oh the joy!!

Another one.. This is fun!! Luke's loot!!

My 2 Favorites!!

Emma looks like a pro going into the water with her boogie board in hand!! This picture really captures her love of the water!!
I love this little man! He just seems to be taking it all in and waiting patiently to get outside to play! Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks all day long??

South Padres Island = FUN IN THE SUN

South Padres Island really does equal fun in the sun!! Especially when you have perfect weather, a comfortable place to stay, all the comforts of home, a heated pool, the list could go on and on!! We started our long weekend on Thursday.. Bob, Luke and I made the 9 hour drive down to Padres and Emma was lucky enough to fly down with my parents!! The trip down was pretty easy and really did not seem to take the 9 hours that it did.. Luke was really good in my opinion, only a few melt downs and when they would happen we would stop to give him a break..

We actually ended up beating my parents and Emma to the condo, however they were only an hour or so behind us.. The condo was beautiful and wouldn't you know, I didn't take any pictures of it :o( Oh well, my camera was focused on the beauty and fun of the beach!!

Our trip down came to be thanks to my husband.. He is a member of ASCE (America Society of Civil Engineers) and also an alum of the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). While at UTA he was involved in the building and racing of their concrete canoe for the ASCE competition. So as an ASCE member and UTA alum, he helped the students get ready this year for the competition which was held in South Padres Island. Once we had decided to go down for a long weekend, we asked my parents to join us. As well as come fellow engineers that went to school with my husband.

We had so much fun on this little get-away! It was a little exhausting (especially with the 18 hours of driving that took place in just 4 days) but it was well worth it! The kids LOVED the beach, although Luke would NOT have any part of it for about the first 2 hours. It took "Paw-Paw" to get him used to standing and playing in it and he loved it! He still was not going to have any part of the ocean, and I don't blame him! Those waves can be a little intimidating to and adult, just imagine what they look like to someone his size.. Emma, on the other hand, spent about 75% of her time in the water, which made her weekend PERFECT!!

So without further ado, here are
some pictures from our weekend of FUN IN THE SUN!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Emma's 12th Birthday Party

I don't have many words for the party, just a lot of pictures to post.. Both the family and friends' parties were a blast and I do believe that everyone in attendance had a GREAT time!! So without further ado......