Monday, September 29, 2008

Tragic Loss

Yesterday was a very sad day in our house! Emma's grandfather (on her dad's side) passed away! Tommy was a wonderful man with a beautiful spirit! He was a role model for those on the path of following God's word. He lead his life according to God's will and shared that with those who knew him. He was a loving father, brother, son, husband, grandfather and friend! Emma has many fond memories of her "Poppy" and will miss him terribly! Tommy was always kind to me and always let me know that no matter what he cared for me and loved me. Please keep Emma and her father's family in your prayers. They will need all the prayers they can get to help them cope while they grieve and recover!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Isn't she cute!!

The kitchen redo

Here are the kitchen redo pictures.. I am very pleased with it although the color was a little shocking to me at first, and yes I picked it out :o) The tile had been bothering me for YEARS....well not the tile per say but the grout!! So luckily I found a nice guy in the Lowes tile department and he directed me to some grout coating.. After 8 hours on my hands and knees my grout looks FANTABULOUS!! I just need a few more odds and ends to put finishing touches on things and the kitchen will be done!! After that it is on to the hall and entry way's.. Then the front room of our house and finally my master bath which needs some serious updates!! Can't wait to show the progress!!







Another Oklahoma Weekend

We took another impromptu trip to Oklahoma, this time with the Compton clan.. What good times we had.. We were the only ones on the property, imagine having over 300 acres for just 4 adults and 3 kids to run around on?? The kids LOVED being in the outdoors.. The weather was beautiful again with the exception of Saturday late afternoon through Saturday night.. We had some serious rainfall and didn't realize how much until Sunday when we tried to leave... One of the roads on the property (that takes you in and out from the main road) was flooded, which delayed our travels home for about 5 and a half hours.. Here are some pics of the fun times and the worrisome times!!


Worrisome Times:

This bench was actually on grass and out of water on Friday.. On Sunday the seat of it was covered by water.. (The dock was also covered with water)

This is the water coming to cross over the street. It feeds from the lake down through the lower part of the property. This was moving pretty quickly..

This is the street we had to cross, it doesn't look as bad as it was in person.. The water was flowing fast and loud, the van was just too low to cross safely!

This is the water coming down off of the road.. TALK ABOUT LOUD!! I thought I was standing next to a huge waterfall!

This is the water coming out of the lake to lower the level of the lake.. This was a few hours before we were finally able to leave!!

New paint in the living room

So I have been working really hard on updating our home.. Lots of paint and hard work can turn your home around in no time!! So far I have completed the kitchen and living room (with the exception of a few more purchases for the walls).. Here are some before and after pics for your review of the living room!! I'll post the kitchen pics soon, I haven't taken new shots yet!! By the way, a HUGE THANK YOU to my mom for all her help taping off and painting the living room!! She is the reason it got completed in about 2 days!! Yeah for MOMS!!!

Brick wall before

Brick wall after, ahhhhhh :o)

Closeup of brick wall and mantle

Walls before

Closeup of walls after, ahhhhh!!

Labor Day in Oklahoma

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend this year.. We headed up to the family property in Oklahoma for a little down time and a lot of play time.. The weather was great, food was yummy as always and the family time was a blessing.. Here are some snap shots of our weekend!!

Grandpa put Luke right to sleep

Emma learning how to drive the 4-wheeler, she still has a long time before she can drive on her own

It takes a lot of concentration


Daddy and Luke in the woods!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bad Poster

Yes I know, I am SO far behind on posting.. I have at least 5 posts that need to be done, and I promise that I will get to them... After this CRAZY busy weekend is over I will spend next week transferring pictures from my camera (over 350 pics) and post some new blogs.. Until then, I hope you are all well!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008