Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Mexico....

Life size Chess and Checkers


Beautiful moon


Bob and Dustan playing Chess

Move over John Mayer.....

Here is the next big thing in the singing, crooning, girls screaming and crying world: (drum roll please......)

6th grade already??

I can't believe that Emma is already in 6th grade!! Luckily in Arlington, 6th grade is still in Elementary, so I don't have to stress about Jr High just yet!! Although she didn't like that she had to go to bed early last night, so was pretty excited about her first day.. Of course most of the excitement was due to seeing all her friends again! Here are some pictures I took this morning of my 6th grader (it is still hard to say that)

Awe, Mexico!!

Well, we are back from our trip to Mexico......and let me tell you, it was well worth it!!! We had such a nice time relaxing, eating, enjoying the sun, resting, etc.... Our trip started off a little bumpy, once we boarded our plane our flight sat on the tarmac for a good hour before we took we were a little late getting in to Mexico, but once there we got through the airport quickly and on to our hotel~ Since we mostly stayed on the property there isn't much to right about, but Bob and I did go para-sailing (sp?) and it was SO much fun! I did start to feel a little ill towards the end but was fine once we got down!! It was a beautiful view from the air, but I did not want to take the camera up with me (would've have been a costly drop in the ocean).....however, our wonderful friends took lots of shots of us from the beach!! The food was fabulous!! I think everyones favorite was the Oriental restaurant on the property (everyone except for myself, ordered more sushi for desert)... I am not a big sushi fan, but from what they tell me this sushi was wonderful!! I took a ton of pictures, but won't bore you with all of them... Just a few of my favorites from the trip!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I truly hope that no one gets grossed out by this, but we are being overtaken by FLIES!! Just today alone, I have already killed 75 flies.. They are gathering at my bay window in the breakfast area and at my back door window!! Lucky for me they are gathering here because it is a HECK of a lot easier to kill them while they are on the windows.. I can not for the life of me figure out where they are coming from and why all of a sudden we are being invaded!! There are no odd smells to suggest that something is dead in my house and I can't find where they might be coming in from.. I honestly don't know what to do and CAN NOT stand it!! They are driving me bonkers!! If anyone has ANY suggestions as to how the heck to get rid of these PESTS please comment and let me know!! I would be happy to take any suggestions!! We are leaving for a long weekend on Friday and I am terrified that I am going to come home to a house FULL of flies and if that happens I will probably vomit at the site and never want to return to my home again!! My hubby is going to get some fly paper and attach it to the shades on the windows that they like to stay by, hopefully that will help ease the fly infestation while we are gone, but really I am at a loss here!! So again, any ideas would be totally welcomed :o)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Night Out

Not too often do Bob and I get to go out with our friends, so when the chance presents itself we take the offer!! Saturday night we went out for our friend James' birthday (better known to some as Gossie).. We had a great time!! We headed out to dinner first at Magic Time Machine, I had never been there before.. What a good time!! I can't wait to take Emma there!! She will LOVE it!! Our server was Peter Pan and she was awesome and terribly funny!! We then headed out to Sherlock's to just sit, relax and have fun!! I won't mention the place we went to in between, simply because they had no air conditioning and therefore I don't feel they need a shout out :o) Here are some pictures from the evening of FUN!!

Now it is just 4 more days until we are off to Mexico with our great friends Dustan and Betsy!! I am SO ready to go!! However, I am a little nervous about leaving my kiddos!!

I hope everyone has a great week/weekend!! I will post again when we get back!! Unless something comes up that is post-worthy before then :o)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just some Luke shots

My son has to be the funniest little guy I know! Bath time is always comical around here when it comes to Luke!! Whether he is splashing me enough to be considered a shower or he is trying to drink the water, it is always a FUN time.. Just a few shots from the last month of Luke enjoying his bath!! (Yes he is in the kitchen sink)

Happy Early Birthday to Me!!

Ok.. So my birthday is not until next month, but I got an early b-day present!! YEAH!! With this early b-day present comes the title "Official Soccer Mom" hahahahaha.. Yes, we bought a mini-van last night and I LOVE IT!! We bought a 2006 Nissan Quest and it is beautiful!! Low mileage, leather interior, DVD system, all around awesomeness!! I am so happy and my hubby loves it just as much as I do!! Although I will miss my little Honda Accord terribly (I even gave it a kiss last night and told it to make someone else very happy) I am glad to have all the room a minivan offers!! Here are some shots I took this morning of my new car, hope you enjoy:

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I can't say it any better than that!! But what a fun addiction!! We just got it 2 days ago and have already logged way too many hours on it......I am a "pro" bowler now and my daughter is pretty close behind me :o) My husband is great at tennis and my mom even came over last night to play some Wii with us!! Oh what fun times we have ahead of us.......hahahahhahahaha