Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our weekend in Austin......

So this was our 2nd annual trip to Austin, Texas with the Compton family.. Such fun times! We go down for a festival that comes to town and we always have a wonderful time.. The weather was beautiful, as always, and the kids love to be outside having fun.. Emma especially loves this festival because of all the entertainment they have!! The festival is called Tour de Fat......Bob, Emma and I actually happened upon this festival while in Colorado 3 years ago and we were immediately hooked.. When we found out last year that they were bringing it to Austin, we loaded up the car and down we went.. A good friend of my dad's has a condo in Austin and allows us to stay there for the weekend!! How much better can it get? We are so thankful for the condo, it lets our kids feel more like being at home then a hotel room would!! This year we were also joined by my sister and her boyfriend, as well as some friends of our that just moved back to Austin from the Seattle area!! Here are some pictures from the weekend!!

Mommy and Daddy get dressed up!!

The annual Alumni Gala was earlier this month, and Bob and I were in attendance.. It is a really fun event for us to go to.. Bob is an alumni of UTA (University of Texas at Arlington) and he has been involved with the Student Alumni Association since he was in college.. The Alumni Gala is a night for us to get all dressed up and go to the campus for a nice dinner.. The reason for the gala is that every year UTA honors 10 Distinguished Alumni which are chosen by the individual schools of the college (i.e., School of Engineering, School of Nursing, etc) It is a really great event and we love being a part of it!! Here are some pictures of us from the night!!

Still to come!!

Just a little preview on whats to come!!!

Mommy and Daddy get dressed up.....
Our weekend in Austin..........
Luke is Finally walking..........
Luke meet Mr. Lasagna........
Fall Fesitval...........................

5 posts still to do!! SCARY~~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lots of catch-up

I have been a BAD blogger lately!! Sorry about that!! I have a lot of catch-up to and hope to get it done in the next day or so.... For my first catch-up post we will start where we left off.. Along with the GREAT grades that Emma got on her report card we found out that Emma made the 6th grade volleyball team.. Now they only play one day, but it is a pretty big deal.. The gym teachers base their choices on skill, good behavior, sportsmanship and overall attitude... The gym teachers choose enough players to make up 2 teams and Emma made it!! She was WAY more excited about this then her grades (go figure)... So the teams take an afternoon off from class and play 3 games.. It goes a little like this:

1st game: Team 1 against the staff (consisting of what teachers are willing to play)
2nd game: Team 2 against the staff
3rd game: Team 1 against Team 2

So for game 1 Emma's team played the staff and won.. Then team 2 played the staff and won... The Team 1 (Emma's team) and Team 2 played and Team 2 won!! All in all it was a fun time.. Luke had a blast playing in the grass with Daddy...and Mommy had fun taking pictures while Emma had fun playing and cheering.. Emma was a little upset that she never got to serve....Oh well.................we can't do it all!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayers for Baby Witt

Please visit this blog and pray for Baby Witt and his family.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Emma's grades

Woo Hoo!! Emma got straight A's her first 6 weeks of school!! We are SO very proud of her!! This happened with little help from mom (trying to teach responsibility) and a lot of hard work on her part!! She also found out today that she made the 6th grade volleyball team.. They only play one game and it's against the staff.......but it is a big deal that she was selected!! All in all, today was a GREAT day for Emma :o)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Handbag Planet

Handbag Planet is a new website that is about to launch in 5 days!! They have a contest right now to win a free handbag!! On the day they launch they will be giving away 1 handbag per hour for 24 hours!! How awesome is that!!

Go visit them at and sign up to possibly win a free handbag!! Hurry!! Go Now!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apologies already :o)

So here I am, just a few minutes later, after posting my exciting news!! I mentioned in the post that I had sent Gary Cogill an email about the tickets and that I would probably not get a response.........................Well, put my foot in my mouth because I DID get a response :o) What a nice man to take time out and email a crazy contest winner back...hhahahhahah

Although he didn't have my answer for me, he did give me a name and number to call! What a nice man he is!! I will start paying more attention to his movie reviews now!!!!


So this morning I just happened to turn on the TV and turned to Channel 8 (abc) and hit the tail end of Good Morning Texas.. They were advertising a 30th reunion for the TV show "Dallas".. They were showing some of the main characters driving up to SouthFork Ranch and getting out of these GREAT old cars.. Anyhow, they went on to say that there will be a Ewing BBQ to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the TV show and it will be held out at SouthFork and that the general public is invited!!

Mind you I was only 3 when the show originally aired, I can recall my mom watching the show not to mention other family members!! So when they announced that they were giving away tickets to the 8th caller, thinking of my mom and how much she would probably enjoy that, I decided to take the chance and call!! Heck, I have never won anything and probably won't even have a shot at this......BUTTTTTT....... I was the 8th caller and won tickets.. Now in all the excitement I didn't even ask HOW MANY??? :o) I do know that the tickets will be at "Will Call" and that the event is on Nov 8th .... I have called and left a message for one of the produces, not to mention sent an email to Gary Cogill himself (like I will get a response), but I really need to know how many people I can bring with me.. Because I AM GOING!!!

I looked at the website for this reunion to see what all was going to be happening out there and found that the cheapest tickets that you can buy are $100/person... WOW!! Also "Asleep at the Wheel" will be performing and I get to check out SouthFork Ranch in person.. YEAH!!

So I call my mom to give her the good news, GUESS WHAT!! She is going to be out of town that weekend...UGH!! Who knows if my husband will even want to go and again I have no idea how many tickets I have won :o) hahahhahahahahahhaha.... What an eventful morning..

Time to plan my outfit for the evening @ SouthFork Ranch.. Gotta dress to impress those Ewings :o) !!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Luke

This is what Luke did to pass the time at the make-over session!! Gotta LOVE him!!

The Big Makeover

Oh My Gosh!! Emma and her girlfriends had the BEST time EVER at their makeovers!! Cindy (Natalie's step-mom) and I took them out to North Park Mall to the Bobbie Brown counter at Nordstrom's.. I had never heard of Bobbie Brown, but Cindy has been a client for a long time.. Their "focus" is enhancing your own natural beauty, not caking on a bunch of make-up!! So of course, I was all for that.. As many of you know, I am not a big fan of make-up all the time, but to each their own.. You know?? Anyhow!! The lady that did their make-up also told them about skin care and how to take care of their face.. She didn't pit a lot of make-up on them, but they were happy to just get the little bit that they did.. They each also got to buy some of the product, which was a HUGE hit and know they get to wear a little bit to school every now and then (well at least Emma does).. Honestly you can't even tell she has any on!! BONUS!! Here are some pictures from our fun night!! Oh, and we took them out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards and they were SO excited to be able to go to dinner with their make-up on :)

Natalie getting her make-up done

Melissa getting her make-up done

Emma getting her make-up done

The girls after their make-overs

The girls with the make-up artist, she was GREAT!!

Just a few pictures from the Arboretum

Just wanted to post some pictures from the Arboretum. The kids had a really good time.. Luke LOVED the pumpkins and Emma just loved being outside (it was like a big back yard for her) :o) The adults had fun watching the kiddos!! Hope you enjoy!!

Side Note: The picture of just Emma above, I have one almost identical to it from when I was a teenager :o) So when I saw the statues I HAD to get Emma to do the same thing!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eventful Weekend!!

We had an eventful weekend this past weekend, and unfortunately I have not been able to post much about it. We have been a little side tracked, but I want you all to know that I will be posting something soon about it.. I have finally gotten all the pictures on the computer and now it is just a matter of sorting through them and picking the best ones.! Here is a brief overview of our weekend:

Friday: Makeovers for Emma and some friends, followed by a slumber party
Saturday: Dallas Arboretum for the Pumpkin Festival, followed by another slumber party which included some football watching and ROCK BAND on the WII
Sunday: not too eventful, mostly sadness, but some good food and Cowboys watching!!

Hope everyone one is well and I will leave you with a sneak peak from the Arboretum.........................