Friday, November 21, 2008

What a good day!!

I am excited to share with the blog world that Emma has done it again!! What does that mean you might be asking yourself?? Well I will tell you all!!! She got straight A's AGAIN!! Yes she did!! I am so proud of her!! 2 six weeks in a row!! Woo Hoo!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally she posts some Halloween Pictures!

So yes, I am a LOT slower than most.. Now that my new camera/memory card holds a million pictures, it takes me a little longer than normal to get them all where they need to be on the computer! Anyhow, enough excuses right?!?! So this was our first year to not Trick-or-Treat.. Emma had a Halloween party to go to and Luke just isn't really into it yet.. The kids still dressed up and I got some pictures of them.. Bob and I stayed in, had some of my family over for dinner and handed out candy to Trick-O'-Treaters.. It was all in all a fun time!!

My little Geisha

Luke as an unhappy OU football player (must have been shortly after the Texas/OU game)

The protector of our candy!

Graveyard in our front yard!

Time for the little mummy to go Night Night!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bye-week flag football

Last year we started a new tradition with the Compton family and started rounding up people to play flag football on the Cowboy's bye-week! This was our second year to do it and let me just say that a fun time was had by all......even me, when I got suckered into playing. Thank goodness no pictures were taken while I was making an attempt to keep up with the boys and Emma.. I am not cut out to play this sport :o) (at least I can admit it, right)!! Here are a few shots from game day!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why do we buy our kids toys?

When they are perfectly happy with this:

Yes plastic bags!! I have now had to put them up because just shoving them between the wall and the fridge wasn't going to keep him out of them.. At least he got a day or two of fun out of them!! Right?!?! Mean 'ol Mommy!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The BIG question!!

I have been debating on posting this, but thought "what the heck"!! Yesterday when I picked Emma up from school she had some news for me.. The boy that she has had a 6th grade crush on asked her to be his "girlfriend".. Now let me back up a little bit.. Last year Emma had a boyfriend or two and I wasn't too thrilled about it.. Especially since one of them decided to tell her that he only liked her to get closer to one of her friends (does this really start so soon??) So after a few heartbreaks last year Bob and I decided to have a little chat with her regarding boys..

We stressed how important it was to be a friend first and that if she could accomplish that now, it would help her in future relationships. We also stressed that at this age "boyfriends" were not necessary and that she would learn that in enough time..

Back to yesterday... So when she shared this news with me, I asked her what her response was.. "I told him that I had to ask my mom first"........ WHAT? Is this my daughter? I was beaming with pride!! Then I went on to have a discussion with her about what the word "boyfriend" means.. Her answer was that it meant being really good friends, talking on the phone and maybe going out on a date....WHOOOOO!! Back up the boyfriend train.. A date?? At 11?? I don't think so.. Then she said, with a parent of course.. You know mom, like dinner or a movie BUT with our parents.. Oh, ok I guess that may be a little more feasible..

After discussing this with Bob we agreed that since she was responsible enough to tell this little boy that she had to ask us first, that we would let her try it out again.. I know I may be in for some trouble with this, but we did put stipulations on her "relationship"..

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't regret this :o)

Fall Festival

This past week we joined Emma's dad, step-mom and other siblings for their churches Fall Festival.. It was held at Southlake's Dragon Stadium.. There were SO many events for the kids.. Rides, games, bounce houses, food, it was just a blast.. All the kids had a good time.. They even had a Toddler section that Luke enjoyed.. Luke was allowed his first sucker and he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.. Here are some pics from the night...

Luke has never met a Lasagna he didn't like..

"Num, Num" is what I always hear before, during and after dinner from my very appreciative little man.. He LOVES to eat and rarely turns down food.. You can get him to eat just about anything.. Favorites are: tomatoes, pasta salad, turkey, chicken, peas, corn, french fries, bananas, grapes, rice, carrots, and LASAGNA... It is always fun to watch him eat lasagna and see the mess that transpires from the enjoyment of his meal.......

Choir Cluster

Emma is a member of her school choir and just loves to sing.. Every year her school gets together with the 2 junior highs and the high school to do a Cluster Concert.. Last year she was not able attend, so she was very excited this year to make it there.. Her choir spends a few hours at the high school rehearsing in the morning and then they give a concert in the evening. It was a really good concert and I must say that I was really impressed with the Junior High choirs, not to mention the High School choir. I think Emma was impressed with how choir would change and grow as she gets older.. I hope she stays in the choir through high school..

Luke is finally walking

So it has taken a little longer than most babies, but my little man is finally walking.. He didn't start crawling until he was 11 months old, so we were not expecting him to walk too soon after that but he finally figured it out.. It is so cute to see him waddle around the house.. He will officially be 16 months old on Thursday and he is just getting cuter and cuter every day.. He are a few pictures of Sir Luke recently..