Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cute Gilrs + Cute Dance = Talent Show Fun

Macailyn, Emma, Emily, Andie, Kyrstan and Megan

Sadly the pictures of their dance did not come out well....but they are still as cute as can be!!

Who is cute and cheesy all at the same time?????

Lucas Scott... That's who!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Heading here for the weekend....

And then here

To celebrate this 2yr old

Fun times are ahead!! See you all next week!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

so while in Colorado....

I figured I would take advantage of the opportunity to get a group of people together from high school, and it was a BLAST!! Lots of reminiscing and reconnecting! Most of the people I was able to reconnect with I found on Facebook. I was amazed at the community I found from my old stomping grounds.. Wonderful people that I have thought about over the years.. I saw a lot of them at the 10 yr reunion, but I had a lot of friends in different graduating classes.. So while the reunion was a great way to reconnect with my fellow classmates, this trip afforded me the opportunity to catch up with other friends I hadn't seen since leaving Colorado in 1993. I loved them all so much in high school (and I still do). High school was a wonderful time in my life. I lived in a beautiful state, went to school with the funnest people and was blessed with the most supportive group of friends.. Here are a few pictures from the evening:

The main reason for my trip to Colorado

Was to celebrate this FABULOUS chick and her many accomplishments.
Caroline is my 1st cousin and I just adore her.
She has always been a sweet girl, full of energy, tons of fun to hang around with..
An all a round joy to know..
She helped me coach Emma's first softball team..
Emma is one of Caroline's biggest fans..
Her heart is huge...
Her knowledge is endless..
Her mind is amazing..
Her views are strong..
The world is lucky to have this young adult actively participating in it!!
Congrats Caroline!
We love you!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Excited but anxious

So I have this problem with anxiety.. Years ago it was really bad, but as I get older I am learning how to cope with it on my own..(if only that were true for all my other faults {grin}) Anyhow...

Excitement: I am leaving for Colorado tomorrow, all by myself (no kids or hubby), for a little mini-vaca... My awesome cousin Caroline is graduating from CU (Boulder), so I am going up to help her celebrate this wonderful achievement!! I am meeting my parents up there, as well aunt/uncle/2 other cousins.. Boulder is a really beautiful town and the campus is stunning!! Can't wait for some cooler weather too.. I will be in Boulder for 2 days and then I am heading to Littleton, Colorado on Saturday. I went to highschool in Littleton and so on Saturday evening I am meeting up with about 30+ people for dinner.. Some of these people I haven't seen since highschool, some since our 10yr reunion, the rest I see often when I visit. I am really excited to see them all, catch up on lives, reminisce about old times, etc... Should be a ton of fun.. It is a short trip however so I will be home on Sunday..... No question that I will be EXHAUSTED when I get home...

Anxious: I am leaving for Colorado tomorrow {grin}... Now, I know that my children will be WELL taken care of.. My MIL and FIL are coming in to town to help out with the babes, which I am so thankful for.. But again, I am leaving my babes for 3.5 days and it just makes me anxious.. I know that when the hubby and Luke drop me off at the airport tomorrow I will be a blubbering mess, full of anxiety, nausious, stressed, etc...that is just me...that is just my personality.. While I am gone I will miss Emma's last choir concert for Elementary school and that saddens me.. I will also miss all of Mother's Day with my family (flight doesn't get in to DFW until 8:20pm).. I will miss hanging out with my MIL and FIL and celebrating Mother's Day and my MIL's b-day with the family.. I will miss my hubby terribly (I still don't sleep well away from him).. I will miss kissing my babes 100+ times a day.. I will miss baths, bedtime, cuddles, etc for 3.5 days.. I could go on and on, but won't!!

I am really thankful for this trip and for the time to myself (God knows I need it).. So I will try to stay positive and keep reminding myself that a LOT of fun awaits me in the beautiful COLORADO!!

{lots of pics/posts when I get home}

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Really wanting a haircut....

Just not enough hair yet...... One day soon son, I promise you will get your hair cut!!

Along with a 12 year old.......

Comes this..... (Luckily the culprits were not tall enough to do too much damage) Boy this brings back some memories!!

Danicin' with Dad

Luke, without a doubt, LOVES his daddy. He lights up every evening when Bob walks through the door. Excitement fills this little boy's body when Bob says "Let's get your shoes and go outside". He loves to help Daddy in the yard and sweep the porch. If Daddy is doing it, then Luke wants to be doing it too. I love to watch these moments and try to capture as many as I can on film. This picture just melts my heart!! They are both just as happy as can be! I sure do love these boys!!