Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fabulous K to the resuce

So have you noticed any changes here around Watson World?? I have and they are magnificent!! Thanks to Fabulous K our page has a snazzy new look and I LOVE IT!!!!! Creativity makes me happy :o)

Now go.....have a Fabulous Day!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Luke and Daddy go bike riding

My husband has a new hobby... Bike not a motorcycle or BMX, but a road bike.. He is now riding to and from work daily on his bike (9 miles one way) and he LOVES it!! So for Father's Day I bought him a baby seat to put on the back of his bike.. Well, he decided that it would work better on his mountain bike vs his road bike, which is fine by me.. I figured if I could get him to take Luke on a ride a few times a week, it would give me some time here at the house to do the little things that are easier to do w/out everyone here... Anyhow, for Luke's 1st birthday he got a helmet and now he is set to ride with daddy.. The first time they went I was not at home (sadly I was in my microbiology class, yuck glad that is over) so I could not take pics!! However, a few weeks ago we went to Lake Whitney for the weekend and Bob brought the bike and all the gear.. Here are a few snapshots I got of them riding...

I got my helmet, daddy!!

Hurry before I get upset!!

Getting strapped in!!

Daddy getting his helmet on!!

Wee, here we go!!

Bye, bye!!

Paradise: Ready for Mexico

I am having thoughts today about our upcoming trip to Mexico.. These thoughts come almost daily now, probably because we are getting closer to our departure date.. 2 long years ago my wonderful husband and I went on the most relaxing and beautiful honeymoon.. Destination: Riviera Maya, Mexico.....awwwww, saying the words just takes me back :o) We went to El Dorado Royale, a lovely adults only, all-inclusive resort.. Sun, sand, ocean, pool, good food, mass beverages.....what more could you ask for.. The staff there was amazing, always ready and willing to help and/or get you whatever you needed.. The resort is spectacular, well kept, clean and just awe-inspiring...

There are many reasons why I am ready to go, but at the top of the list has to be spending 4 days with my hubby..... you know time to reconnect... He works really hard so that we can afford the life we choose to have (me staying at home with the kiddos, plus going back to school for nursing).. With this hard work comes long hours away from our family, which can be very hard at times.. I love that my husband enjoys all that he does and that he wants to provide for us, but I miss him terribly when he is working.. So 4 days with him is going to be WONDERFUL!! August 15th can't come FAST enough!!

We will also be traveling with our good friends Dustan and Betsy!! We can't wait to share this wonderful place with 2 amazing friends!! It will also be nice to have 4 days of just adult conversation and fun.. Both Betsy and I had little boys last summer, so we are looking forward to some mommy time away as well.. Yes, it will be extremely hard to leave our little boys and big girls at home but in all honesty I think it will do us some good to get a break for a few days.. Luckily we have great families who are ready to step in and take on our duties so that we can make this wonderful trip..
So here are some snapshots I took on our honeymoon... Just imagine being here :o)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Missing my Emma

So every summer my little girl leaves me for 6 weeks to visit her daddy.. It has been happening now for a few years but I have to admit it doesn't get any easier.. She is growing up so fast these days, that I feel like every single minute really counts with her.. Before too long she will leave the nest to embark on a lifetime of adventures....and although I look forward to her spreading her wings, it is still a sad and scary thought.. She has turned into such a beautiful, talented, well behaved, charming, challenging at times pre-teen........that I can't wait to see the young adult she becomes.. I am full of hope for her future and know that anything she wants is attainable, because she is that awesome of a girl!! Emma is by far the best big sister and daughter I have ever known, therefore I thought it only right to post a blog dedicated to just her.. Here are some recent (last few months) pictures of her!!

Luke's 1st Birthday

It is hard to believe that my little man has turned 1!! How is it that the nine months they are growing inside of you can seem like years, yet their first year out and about takes only minutes to fly by?? I can remember wondering who he would look like, how big he would be, would he be healthy....all those little things that pass through your mind while you are with child... Now here he is, already a year old!! It is an amazing experience watching him grow, but is also a little saddening to know that he will never again be that peaceful little infant I once rocked to sleep..

So here we are a year later celebrating one of the best days in my life, the birth of my first son!! We had a GREAT party!! Lots of friends, family and food... Not to mention, more presents than you could open!! Our wonderful friends Dustan and Betsy let us borrow their bounce house for the little kiddies, and it was thoroughly enjoyed!! My mom and Jay ordered BBQ from Spring Creek, mom made cole slaw and I made potato salad!! Yummy southern dinner :o) We had cup cakes and ice cream (some even home made by my husband) for desert, and Luke had his little cake.. It was a special day, one that Bob and I will never forget, and we feel privileged that so many people helped to celebrate this milestone.. WHAT A FUN DAY!!!:o)

4th of July fun!!

This was Luke's first 4th of July celebration, so we pulled out all the stops and had a fun filled day!! We started of the day by attending the 4th of July Parade in Arlington.. Luke was amazed by the high school bands, horses, floats and all the people he could watch.. It was a HOT & HUMID morning (parade started @ 9am) and we were not able to stay the whole time, but we enjoyed every minute of what we saw!!

Next on the agenda was a stop off at Linda's house for some swimming! Sadly we couldn't stay long, but we had a blast while we were there.. We got to visit with Linda, Erica, Noah, Craig, Leigh Ann, James, Vicki among others!! Bob helped Linda cook all the meat she was serving and we got to snack on some really good food!! Linda always puts out a spread!! After Linda's we headed over to my mom's (Memi's) house to have dinner!! We had some great hamburgers, played some cards and Luke had some great fun with Memi and Papa Jay!! We were also able to meet a really nice co-worker of Jay's named Anar.. He is here from Russia doing some training w/ Jay's company!! We were glad to celebrate the holiday with Anar!

Last but not least we headed out to watch some fireworks.. Luke did incredibly well with the loud noise, we were all extremely impressed! It is truly amazing watching your children enjoy the wonder of holidays, and this 4th of July was no different.. Emma has always LOVED fireworks and it was great to see that Luke would be a big fan too!! The best part of the evening in my book, was watching my two beautiful babies as they gazed up in the sky intensely watching all the bright, colorful fireworks.. As the fireworks ended, I knew that this would be the last time I watched Luke enjoy his first fireworks show and I will happily admit that it choked me up a little.. I know that there are many more years of fireworks, but the first time is by far the best time!